January 2015 Edition Of Zia e Hadith Is Available Now!

Monthly-Zia-e-Hadith-(January 2015)

Zia-e-Hadith’s edition for the month of January is here!

Zia e Hadith is a worth reading magazine fixated towards improvement of society covering every social, economic and political aspect. In our latest edition of January.

We have covered the major happenings such as:

Massacre of Peshawar: more than 130 innocent lives were taken away in this ruthless massacre. The worst part is that those who claim to take responsibility of the killings are adamant that they have done this in accordance with Islam which is totally absurd and a blatant lie

Meaning and Description of Polytheism: discusses the literal meaning of polytheism and how vigorously it has penetrated in our lives.

The Growing Abscess of Grave Worship: The Reasons of immense increase in Grave Worship, views of Scholars and its consequences.

Qualities & Attributes of a Leader: Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that if three people are going on a journey than they chose one of them as their leader. It further covers important topics such as rights of non-Muslims in Islam. Islam is not a religion of oppression, it is a religion of kindness and mercy. The act of a few should not tarnish the image of entire religion.

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Other topics covered in this edition are

Who is Albaghdadi? The rights of Non-Muslims in Islam, A Pious Journey, Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) as a Citizen.

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