February 2015 Edition Of Zia e Hadith Is Available Now!

Wait Is Over, New Edition Of Zia-e-hadith is Available Now

The February edition is here for our worthy readers!

Zia-e-Hadith is a magazine that is published monthly. The aim of publishers is to spread message of Islam and peace through this magazine. The magazine covers every major and minor issue happening in our vicinity. The writers work hard and bring the best to you so that maximum benefit can be extracted from the writings.

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In the latest February edition, we will cover following topics:

Insulting Cartoons; Biggest Terrorist Act:

The article unravels the dual faced personality of western media and it’s heinous role in spreading hatred towards Islam. It is a must read for every Muslim so that they stay enlightened on how west is working towards tarnishing image of Islam.

The Survival of Pakistan Lies in Freedom of Kashmir; An exclusive interview with Sheikh Jamil-ur-Rahman:

The article covers an exclusive interview with the leader of movement of fight for the freedom of Kashmir. He tells the details of objective behind the movement and why the movement is crucial for people of Kashmir.

Valentine’s Day:

The article explains how Valentine’s Day is defaming the beautiful essence of loving and getting loved. The article digs deeper into the reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day every year and explains how this custom is getting popular with every passing year in Pakistan.

Rights of Minorities in Islam:

A society cannot prosper if the minorities are not given equal rights in it. The article explains the ethics of doing business, marriage and other matters when it comes to non-Muslims. The article informs about the perspective of Islam and the conditions it sets to deal with Non-Muslims.

The edition covers other topics such as Mother of Prophet Esa (A.S) & The scary effects of disrespecting your Mother.

Download Zia e Hadith February Edition FREE

Do read and let us know of the feedback. Your feedback is crucial and most awaited for us.

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