Latest Edition Of Zia e Hadith Is Available Now!

Monthly Zia e Hadith December 2014

Wait is over, the latest edition of monthly magazine “ZIA E HADITH” by Darussalam Publishers is here!

ZIA E HADITH is a literary magazine focused towards betterment of society covering every social, economic and political aspect. In our latest edition, we will cover the broad perspective of your favorite writers along with their deep insight on important topics such as the atrocity of Kot Radha Krishan and role of media, Christmas Day and the ever-growing ulcer of worshiping the graves in our society.  It further covers practical tips on keeping warm during winters. Grab your latest copy today and stay aware about all the latest happenings going on near you.  Hurry Up if you do not want to miss out on anything!

Zia e Hadith December 2014





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Darussalam Publishers is the authentic publishing house of Islamic books with an honor of publishing 1600 plus books for its readers. The books are suitable for every age group and are free from any sectarian material. You can now get the books in digital format as well. For further information please visit the company website or follow us on social media. Stay safe, Stay Blessed!



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