Valentine’s Day (History, facts, and Islam)

Valentine's Day (History, facts, and Islam)


Love is a word that is often read and heard in society. In the same way, every person in society seems to be searching for it. It becomes clear that Islam is a religion of love and brotherhood. Islam wants all people to live with love, affection, and brotherhood but sadly in our society, the word love has been defamed by giving it the wrong color.  Many wrong forms of love have been created in society, an example of this is the global celebration of “Valentine’s Day”. Celebrated every year as International Valentine’s Day, this festival is spreading like a termite in Pakistan. On this day, anyone who claims to be in love is presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Critics of Islam object that Islam is the enemy of love, which is a lie. Islam not only allows love but also mentions numerous rewards for encouraging lovers. But the condition is that love must be true, pure, and pleasing to Allah.

There are two types of love: Pure love and impure love

Pure love:

Pure love is based on sincerity, selflessness, and loyalty and is everlasting and lasting. And free from all kinds of selfishness and disloyalty.

Unrequited love: 

Evil love is based on financial, personal, and sexual vile interests, selfishness, and infidelity and is always weak and ends quickly, in enmity.

The concept of love in Islam:

The only religion in the universe that preaches love and promotes love, if there is one, is Islam, in which love is the basis of faith.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I swear by the One in Whose hand is my soul, you cannot enter Paradise unless you believe and become believers, ‘Unless you love one another, will I not tell you something that will make you love one another? Promote peace (Salam) among yourselves. ” (Sahih Muslim)

Since Islam itself is pure religion, it commands its followers to always and in all matters adopt purity and accept only purity. Sayyidna Muhammad Rasoolullah has said: “O people! Indeed, Allah is pure and accepts nothing but purity. ” (Sahih Muslim)

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Umama (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “He who loves for the sake of Allah, and hates for the sake of Allah, and gives (something) for the sake of Allah, and refrains from giving (anything) for the sake of Allah, then surely he has completed his faith.” (Sunan Abu Dawood, Hadith 4681)

Every human being loves a human being like himself:

From the beginning of the universe, it has been a well-established rule that every human being in the world loves people and seeks companionship irrespective of character.  Whether they be polytheists, infidels, adulterers, drunkards, thieves, robbers, murderers, etc. All sinners love sinners like themselves, similarly, Muslims and believers love only Allah and His Messenger and other believers.

As in the Quran Allah says, “Ugly women’ deserve wicked men and wicked men deserve ‘wicked women’. And chaste men are worthy of chaste women and chaste women are worthy of chaste men. ” (Surah Al-Noor: 26)

This is mutual love and association with their own characters in this world, in the same way in the hereafter, these people will be raised with their own characters.

As Allah Almighty says in Quran, “On that Day (of Resurrection) people will be gathered (according to their deeds) in different groups, so that their deeds may be shown to them. If there is even an atom of evil, he will see it. ” (Surah Al-Zilzal: 6-8)

A beautiful Hadith is here that The Holy Prophet SAW says, “(On the Day of Resurrection) man will be with the one with whom (in this world) there will be love. (Sahih Bukhari: Kitab Al-Adab).

Pure love is the source of salvation:

True love is that which is selfless, sincere, and always safe. And what could be more enduring and lasting love than that which is useful not only in this world but also in the hereafter and becomes the source of salvation.
Allah says in the Quran, “Warning! Those friends of Allah who believe in Allah and are becoming pious, for them there will be no fear and no sorrow, for them, there are good tidings in this world and in the Hereafter. God’s words never change. That is the great attainment. ” (Surah Younes: 62-64).

The worst end of unrequited love:

Those who are proud of their self-made friendships in the world, who ruin their Hereafter for the sake of their loved ones, and who claim to sacrifice everything at the behest of them, will become the worst enemies of each other on the Day of Resurrection. They will blame each other and show shame and remorse for their actions.

What does the true word of God say here;

“On this Day (of Resurrection) the best friends will be enemies of one another, except the God-fearing.” (Surah Al-Zukhruf: 67).

At another place, Allah clears this in these words, “On that Day (of Resurrection) the wrongdoer will chew his hands (out of remorse) and say, “Alas! I would have followed the path of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Alas, I wish that I had not taken such and such a friend.” (Surah Al-Furqan)

The reality of Valentine’s Day:

There are many conflicting traditions about Valentine’s Day in the history books, but most of them are based on fabricated stories. Some traditions are found in reference to the well-known research institute “Britannica Encyclopedia”, which shows that this day is a special day in the religious rites of the Catholic denomination of Christians. The original word is “Valentine Saint”. This is a Latin word. “Saint” is what is meant for the clergy. The Catholic Church believes that every year on the 14th of February, the spirits of the “Valentine” priests come into the world, so they perform all the rituals of the day, including worship and vows in his name. This belief originated with the Romans. The day is also celebrated in France and England as a special day and this day is a holiday in France, England, and other western countries and they perform special acts of worship in their places of worship on this day.

Behind the scenes facts:

1; This day is a Christian invention, a day of polytheistic worship that even the Christian clergy are opposed to. It is celebrated under official patronage in Christian countries. “All the love stories told in the significance of this day are false.

2; In the present age, it is usually celebrated by homosexuals, adulterers, pornographers, and pro-Westerners and among such people, this day has a special significance, i.e. it is a festival of impure people.

3; Jews, Christians, and all infidels and polytheists are the eternal enemies of Islam and Muslims. On the one hand, the occupation of Muslim countries and the bombardment of them with destructive bombs has heated up the market for killings against them, number two their women and children are being abducted and forced to do haraam work and on the other hand, by calling Islam an uncivilized, conservative and fundamentalist religion, their filthy and impure culture is being shown as modern and moderate and by promoting it among Muslims are destroying their religious pride and love among young Muslim men and women. Every effort is being made to generalize sexual misconduct. The truth of all this is as clear as day in his books and everyday statements.

So, O Muslims! Confront these conspiracies of the infidels in the form of love for Islam, your love of your religion, your faith in it, and their actions can turn their conspiracies against you. Forbid above. God bless the Muslims.


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