Valentines Day Gone Wrong

Love being misunderstood

Love is a word that is commonly uttered and heard in our societies. In fact, every person is in need and search of a true love, but every person has a different opinions and views about this issue. It is clear from Islamic teachings that Islam itself is the religion of love and brotherhood. It urges its followers to live in loveable and brotherhood atmosphere. But unfortunately, what is love in Islam, is defined wrongly in our societies and communities, which results in many shameful and sinful events. Due to such events even those who know the true love are double minded in expressing their love, whereas the teachings of Islam exhort us to inform our brother if we love him.

Love in Islam & other beliefs

Islam defined love and specified all its ways of fulfillment. It is due to our ignorance and negligence of the Islamic teachings that created such miserable situation and that a baseless and shameful tradition like Valentines Day took place. Non-Muslims celebrate this tradition on 14th February every year in order to fulfill their sinful desires and lusts.

In this day and age, this custom become well-known and vastly celebrated even in Muslim countries. People present valentine day flowers and valentine day gifts to their loved ones on this event. They blindly follow the ways of non-Muslim and even do not know what is valentine day history and the reality of this tradition is and why it is celebrated?

There are many different opinions about the valentine day information, its reality and celebration of its custom. Even if they are true and authentic, a wise and sensible man will never celebrate this tradition or think of it. A zealous and fervor man never allows any wayfarer to present a bunch of valentine day flowers to his daughter or sister. Similarly, a chaste and modest woman never likes any of her class fellow or colleague presents her valentine day gifts or utters the mere meaningless words of love.

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Origination of Valentine’s Day

It is mentioned that there are different opinions about the reality and origination of valentine’s day. Among them is this famous factional story:

In Christianity it is not allowed for priest whether a male or a female to marry. Valentine was a priest in Rome, who loved a woman priest. He be fooled his lover in order to fulfill his shameful desire. He deceived her by the following mild words:

“I was told in my dream that there will be no punishment and sin if we both fulfill our desire without a marrying contract on 14th February.”

His lover agreed and they both fulfilled their desires and committed a shameful sin of adultery. They both were killed in violating the law and rule of Christian Church. Thus, this baseless tradition was named after him as a Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on 14th February every year in the memory of this priest.

This is the imaginary story of this tradition that people present it as a proof of celebrating it. The so-called Muslims also blindly believe in the reality of this story and follow them in celebrating this festival by the name of love.

Now celebrating Valentines day is widespread in many Muslim countries particularly, in schools, colleges and universities that are run and controlled by non-Muslim NGOs. Indeed the students in such institutions are our own children. They are our sons, daughters and sisters. Undoubtedly, we ruin them by sending to such educational centers and keep them away from the true religion of Islam and its teachings. This is the main goal and objective of the enemies of Islam that they support us in order to destroy our morals. We are playing a positive role in achieving their goals and objectives. Similarly, electronic and printed media also play the vital role in spreading this tradition among Muslim societies by so-called names.

Is Love and Sex the same?

It is the festival of desires and romance rather than the festival of love. Because it is celebrated to spread lustful desires, immorality and lewdness. It is a western culture and they want to spread this epidemic illness among the Muslim. They want our women to be sex slaves just like theirs. Moreover, they do not differentiate between love and sex, whereas the true love and Valentines Day are two different things. Islam exhorts it followers to have true love and it forbids them from those lewdness and immorality that are committed by the name of such love and romance. They want us to focus on personal desires rather than Islamic teachings. They seduce our chaste daughters and sisters by the slogan of freedom of love or the festival of love.

It is our duty to educate our brothers, sisters, wives and children about the dangers of this epidemic illness, which spreads too fast among our societies. Forbidding wrong is obligatory upon every Muslim according to his or her capability. Allah (SWT) warned those who spread immorality among the believers with a painful torment both in this world and in the Hereafter. He says:

“Indeed, those who like that immorality should be spread [or publicized] among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you do not know.”
(An-Nur 24:19).

Why not to celebrate Valentine Day?

From an Islamic point of view celebrating Valentine’s Day is forbidden due to the following reasons:

  1. It invites people to the relentless pursuit of sexual freedoms and desires, whereas Islam strictly forbids us from illegal sexual intercourse and following self-desires.
  2. It is based on pagan culture and Islam prohibited us from following their ways.
  3. It is an imitation of Jews, Christians and Islam also forbids us from such imitation.
  4. It is the source of extravagance and wastage of money and time, whereas the teachings of Islam discourage it.
  5. This festival is the source of sins, such as: Dancing, drinking wine, taking drugs and having illicit sexual encounters, whereas Islam made such things unlawful and forbid us from committing such sins.

In short, as Muslims, we should avoid such sinful activities. We must not participate in anything associated with this festival nor should we encourage it at all. As parents, it is our duty avoid our children and guard them from committing such immoralities. By participating in such festivals we destroy our own Islamic morals and ruining the standards of respect and dignity.


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