Tarjima Quran (Word for Word) Urdu

Tarjima Quran (Word for Word)-Urdu

When Adam عليه السلام ascended to the earth from the heights of heaven, he had clear guidelines for the guidance of his children. Then thousands of prophets and messengers came to mankind at different times and lands and among these pure human beings, there were some who were given books and scriptures containing revelations. Eventually, this series of revelations began with the beginning of the revelation of Ghar Hira and ended with the completion of the religion, the fulfillment of the blessing, and the choice of the religion of Islam.

Ghar E Hira

The Uniqueness of the Quran

It is an undeniable fact that there is no book in the universe today other than the Holy Quran, which can be considered a complete code of conduct. This honor belongs only to the Holy Quran. By following the teachings of the Holy Quran, the Ummah can succeed in this world and the hereafter.

The reason for the current humiliation and disgrace of the Muslim Ummah is that today the people of the Ummah have put the Quran al-Hakim behind them. People have resorted to the recitation of the Quran alone and don’t even attempt to understand the Quran word by word. In order to have deep faith, it is necessary to be aware of its meanings.

Challenges in Quranic Translation

Scholars agree that the translation of the Quran into any other language is not possible with 100% accuracy at times. However, the best efforts and methods of its interpreter can be adopted. This is the only thing in view of which translators of every age have been fortunate enough to present new Quranic translations. It has always been difficult for translators to translate the effect of revelation into another language. 

Challenges in Quranic Translation

The Arabic version of the Quran is the best as it’s the language of the original revelation but translation is a necessity due to the majority of Muslims being non-Arabic speakers. Translations are what helps them understand the Quran word by word.

Technical Requirements for Standard Quranic Translation

Do you know what the technical requirements for standard translation of the Quran are that can assist the reader in understanding the Quran word by word?

  • In the Urdu translation of the Holy Quran, Arabic words should be retained as much as possible because according to research, 75% of the words of the Holy Quran are being used in Urdu.
  • The closer the Urdu translation is to the Arabic text, the more successful it will be in terms of its translation.
  • In translation, it is important to ignore every aspect that detracts from the meaning and significance.
  • Efforts should be made to maintain the intoxicating style and miracles of revelation in Urdu translation.
  • In translation, the accuracy of the meaning should be given priority over the requirements of the language.
  • Simplicity, fluency, and convenience should be taken into consideration in the language of translation to ensure an accurate understanding of the Quran word by word.
  • If a single Arabic word can be translated into more than one Urdu word, then the most suitable word should be selected keeping in view the context of the Arabic text.
  • The rules and regulations should be observed in translation. For this, it is necessary to go beyond ‘Sarf and Nahw’.

These are just some of the goals to keep in mind when translating the Quran. Now which translations are included in the existing commentaries and translations in this manner? This is a different topic.

The Contribution of Darussalam Publishers

Darussalam is one of the leading printing houses in the world of Islam whose purpose is to present the call of the Quran and Sunnah to the general Muslims with reference to modern resources. The founder of Dar-ul-Salam Abdul Malik Mujahid, belongs to a family of servants and listeners of the Holy Quran. 

Abdul Malik Mujahid

He opened the eyes of his consciousness and found every member of the family dedicated to the service of the Quran. Darussalam has made every effort possible to ensure that people are able to understand the Quran word by word and follow its teachings. By the grace of God Almighty, he had the privilege of living in the religious and global environment of Saudi Arabia for a long time and then he set up an institution for the publication of the Quran and Sunnah.

Efforts to Clarify the Quran in Urdu

A commentary and translation of the Holy Quran should be prepared which is connected with the thoughts of the Salaf-e-Saliheen and their beliefs. Respected Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf’s short footnote and Maulana Muhammad Jonah Garhiwala’s Urdu translation of Ahsan al-Bayan have been in respect to the salah-e-Saliheen.

Hafiz Salah ud Din Yousaf

This endeavor gained such popularity from Allah Almighty that today its constant demand in the Urdu-speaking world is a record. It has helped a large population of the Muslim community understand the Quran word by word.

Darussalam also made an authoritative effort to understand the sciences and meanings of the Holy Quran in English. 

The Salafi Approach in Quran Translation

Dr. Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali Dalene and Dr. Mohsin Khan translated the Quran from a Salafi manhaj called “The Noble Quran”.

The Noble Quran

This Quran is highly recommended for those who are unfamiliar with the Arabic language but are eager to learn the Holy Quran without great effort.

Darussalam put a great deal of effort and published the Quran containing the same characteristics with the title معاني القرآن الکریم in the Urdu language.

Maani AL Quran: A Modern Way to Understand the Quran

Maani AL Quran

This Quran is a modern way of learning the translation of the Holy Quran which helps readers understand the Quran word by word with fluent Urdu translation and lessons on Quranic grammar.

The nature of this Quran is that every Quranic word is in the box and in the sub-box there is an easy translation of that word. Translation carries the characteristics of the grammatical rules which allows the readers to learn Arabic grammar as well as understand the Quran word by word.

This version also contains additions at the end. These are the short basic rules of Arabic grammar for learning direct translations of the Quran. These rules consist of 30 pages.

Quran word by word.

The history of this translation is also mentioned at the end of the Quran which adds to its credibility. It will be very useful to study the translation of the Quran that has been translated under the supervision of Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf حفظه الله. It has adopted the style of literal translation, which makes it easier to understand the Quran word by word. The nature of this Quran is that this is a modern way of learning the translation of the Holy Quran word for word, with fluent Urdu translation and notes on Quranic grammar. So, it is a special gift for teachers, students, and the general public. 

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