Spiritual Healing

We spend a lot of money on allopathic medicines and rely greatly on the wonders of science and its methods of healing. Medical science has indeed discovered tremendous cures for diseases that once used to wipe out whole nations.

More than that, the technological advances have made the diagnosis of complex diseases easier. All this development has been very helpful in diagnosing and curing all kinds of diseases, but there is a type of healing that was discovered centuries ago.

And that healing is through the treatment methods of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is the most divine and accurate form of healing and is above any science and technological form of healing.

Our dear Prophet (PBUH) devised a system of healing that is everlasting and is no less than any form of allopathic medicine. So much so that even the modern science wonders how they could have been discovered such a long time ago with very few resources available.

What they do not realize is that the biggest resource present then, and even now, is Allah (SWT) and His cherished Prophet (PBUH).And what we do not see is that if we adopt these methods of curing diseases, we would never have to complain on how expensive or ineffective the modern methods of curing are.
Some of these methods I’ll be discussing below:


The most common form of illness is perhaps fever. It is caused by the emanation of temperature from the heart which then spreads throughout the body. Fever is referred to as the breath of hellfire in Ahadith; i.e. it is to warn the people from hellfire so that they can imagine its torment and stay away from things that lead to it.

The cure mentioned for fever in Ahadith is cold water. And rightfully so, even the doctors today suggest taking a bath in cold water as the most effective way to shed fever.


Another disease becoming common these days is that of the heart. According to our Holy Prophet (PBUH) best way to cure heart diseases is by eating dates, pepper and ginger. The Prophet (PBUH) used to live in Madinah, which has a warm climate, and the people who live in warmer areas have a colder inner temperature.

Hence, foods like dates and Zanjabil(ginger) are suitable for people who live in a warm climate. Dates are often used for their medicinal properties and are considered as a proper meal. They have high nutritional value and are used as a staple food in the Arab countries. They are highly recommended for the prevention of many diseases including the heart.


A lot of young girls these days are concerned about the pimples forming on their face or elsewhere. Pimples are actually formed from harmful and septic substances that are finding a way out of the body, and do so through the skin.

A hadith mentions the flower Arum (Tharirah) as the remedy for pimples. The flower helps the pimple to grow and then be opened and extracted. Moreover it also soothes the hotness of the pimples. It can also be used as a cure for fire burns.

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Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) presented cures for numerous other diseases. What is amazing is that you will find these remedies more effective than any others that have been discovered yet.

All these miraculous cures are compiled by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah in At-Tibb an-Nabawee. Not only this but this online islamic book has been published in English by Darussalam Publishers by the name of “Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (PBUH)”. May Allah (SWT) grants us all exceptional health and fitness in life. (Ameen)

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Spiritual Healing
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Spiritual Healing
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