Short Stories of the Prophets عليهم السلام

Why is it necessary to study the biography of the Prophets?

Allah Almighty has mentioned in the Quran the best and most beautiful stories of the prophets. There are many pearls of wisdom hidden in them. 

stories of prophets

Let’s take a look at a few stories in this blog.

01 The Story of Sayyidna Adam and Eve عليهما السلام

First let’s take a look at the story of Prophet Adam عليهما السلام. When Allah Almighty intended the creation of human beings, He informed the angels of His intention and said: “I am going to create a successor (man) on the earth.” The angels asked Allah Almighty, “Do you want to create creatures in the earth who cause mischief in the earth and shed each other’s blood even though we glorify You?” So Allah replied: “I know what you do not know” (Al-Baqarah: 30).

Then Allah Almighty created the very first human being, Sayyadna Adam عليه السلام (the first Prophet) and his wife Sayyada Hawwa (Eve) عليها السلام.

Sayyadna Adam was the first whom Allah Almighty created with His own hands. Except him, all the rest of the humans were created with the water as Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran.

When Allah Almighty intended to breathe life into Adam عليه السلام, He commanded the angels to prostrate before Adam (Saad: 75). All the angels obeyed Allah and prostrated before Adam.

Iblis (Satan) was in fact a jinn who used to worship Allah along with the angels. When Allah Almighty commanded the angels to prostrate, he did not prostrate. He came down on arrogance, hatred and bigotry and rejected Allah’s command with contempt (Al-Baqarah: 34). It’s from this story of the Prophet that we get to know about the condemnation of iblis.

Allah Almighty asked Iblis that “When I commanded that when I breathe into him (Adam) you all fall down in prostration, why did you disobey my command?” He said: “O Allah! I am better than you because you created me from fire while you created this man from dust. That is why I did not prostrate.” Then Allah Almighty said, “Get out of here, rejected. My curse will be on you till the Day of Resurrection and in the Hereafter I will throw you and your seed into Hell.”

Satan became more arrogant and said, “I will surely lead all the children of Adam astray.” I will also sit in your straight path to mislead them. Then I will come from the front, from the back, from the right and from the left (purpose from all sides) and lead them astray. Most of the children of Adam will not be able to thank you. Yes! I will not be able to mislead those of Your servants who have sincerity for You in their hearts. I just need respite till the Day of Resurrection.” This story of the Prophet clearly shows the enmity Satan has against Allah’s people.

That is why the Prophet ﷺ said: “When the son of Adam recites the verse of prostration, then prostrates, then Shaytaan (Satan) starts weeping to one side and says: Alas! When Ibn Adam was ordered to prostrate, he prostrated, so he will get Paradise. I was commanded to prostrate, and if I disobeyed, I would go to Hell (Muslim: 81).”

Allah Almighty said to Satan, “Go, you will have respite till the Day of Resurrection. Try all kinds of armies and tactics on your infantry and cavalry and mislead them, but remember that those who will be my servants, you will never be able to overcome them.” This story of the Prophet also holds hope for the true Muslims with a strong faith as they will get to know that as long as their belief on Allah is strong not even Satan will be able to lead them astray.

When Iblis clearly disobeyed Allah, then Allah said to Iblis: فَاهْبِطْ مِنْهَا “Get down from this Paradise!” And in the same way, he also said: “Get out of it!” He then took him out of the sky and sent him to the earth and destroyed his position and status which he had attained in the sight of Allah due to his worship and obedience. So he was humiliated and thrown on the earth.

There was only one restriction on Adam and Eve عليهما السلام in Paradise that they could not go to a particular tree in Paradise. Satan started his enmity and engaged in attempts to mislead Adam and Eve عليهما السلام. He enticed them both that Allah Almighty has forbidden you both to go to this tree just so that you may not become angels or become eternal dwellers of this Paradise. He also said that eating this fruit will give a kingdom that will never disappear. Then he tried to reassure them by swearing and saying, “I wish you both the best. Obey me.”

So Satan brought Prophet Adam and Eve عليهما السلام down from their position and led them to disobedience, and they both forgot the prohibition imposed by Allah. As soon as they tasted the fruit of this tree They were punished by Allah Almighty and immediately the clothes of Paradise came off their bodies and they started covering their seventies with the leaves of Paradise. Allah asked them “Didn’t I forbid you to go near this tree at all? And did I not warn you that Satan is your open enemy?”

So Adam and Eve soon realized that they had forgotten this warning and that they had been deceived by Satan, our enemy. Then they expressed their remorse before Allah and Allah Almighty taught them the words of repentance which Allah had mentioned in the Holy Quran. This story of the Prophet sets an excellent example of the result of disobedience to Allah.

 Both of them apologized to Allah with these words:

“Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if we do not forgive, we will have mercy on you, and we will not be among the losers.”

Then Allah Almighty forgave them.

02 The Story of Sayyidna Noah عليه السلام: 

Let’s now take a look at the story of the Prophet Noah عليه السلام. Allah Almighty made Noah عليه السلام a prophet at a time when the worship of idols and devils had started and the people had taken the path of error and disbelief.

So he was the first messenger who was blessed by Allah Almighty with mercy on His servants.

Allah sent Noah عليه السلام as a messenger to his people. Noah عليه السلام said to his people in clear words:

“O my people! Worship Allah! You have no god other than Him. Listen! I fear for you the punishment of a great day.” (Al-A’raf: 59). Why do you not fear Allah? I am your trustworthy messenger. So fear Allah and obey me. (Al-Shu’ara ‘: 107, 108).

The chiefs of the people of Sayyidina Noah عليه السلام said: “We think you are a clear and clear misguided man. So we cannot believe in you.” (Al-A’raf: 60).

The people of the nation began to say to each other Given that this Noah is a man who wants to be superior to you through this invitation (of monotheism), whereas if Allah had to call us to Himself, He would have sent an angel to us. He is telling us such things as never before. We have not heard from our forefathers. (Al-Mu’minun: 24).

This Noah is suffering from insanity, so be patient about it. (Al-Mu’minun: 25). They also used to say: “O Noah! If you do not desist, you will be stoned to death.” [Al-Shu’ara ‘116].

Prophet Noah عليه السلام invited his people to the religion of Allah for nine hundred and fifty consecutive years. When he was patient for a long time, he complained to Allah in a painful tone which Allah has mentioned in full in Surah Nooh.

So, after complaining to the people before Allah, Noah عليه السلام cursed them. Allah Almighty also made the blasphemy of Prophet Noah عليه السلام a part of Surah Nooh. This story of the Prophet عليه السلام indicates how nations that disobey Allah have to face the wrath of Allah.

In the result of this imprecation, Allah Almighty commanded Prophet Noah عليه السلام to build a huge ark. Noah عليه السلام began to build the ark in obedience to Allah’s command. The chiefs of the nation, seeing this new work of Syedna Nooh عليه السلام, started joking that he has been calling us to a method (of monotheism). If he does not work out, then he has started a new job and has become a carpenter. (Hud: 38)

Seeing this mockery of the people, Prophet Noah عليه السلام said to them, “If you make fun of us, there will come a time when we will make fun of you as you are making fun of us. The humiliating torment will come upon him, and upon whom is the everlasting torment of the Hereafter.” (Hud: 38)

So the time came for the promise which was given to the people of Noah عليه السلام. The sign of this torment was that first the ovens will boil with water. Allah Almighty commanded that as soon as the ovens are filled with water, take a pair of every creature in it and put all those who have accepted your invitation in it. The number of these people was very small. (Al-Mu’minun: 27)

Noah's (AS) Ark

So this ark started its journey and Allah’s torment had reached its end. Heavy, stormy and torrential rain fell from the sky. The earth began to spew water as if it were a spring.


Meanwhile, Prophet Noah’s عليه السلام son was standing a little away from the ark. Noah عليه السلام saw him and said: “O my dear son! Embark with us in the ark and do not join the disbelievers.” (Hud: 42) This unfortunate man said: “No, I will take refuge in a mountain and he will save me from this water.” Noah replied: “There is no protector today from the chastisement of Allah except him on whom He has mercy.” (Hud: 43)

While the conversation was going on, a huge wave of water came and got stuck between the two of them. As a result, the disbelieving son of Noah عليه السلام drowned in the same wave. (Hud: 43) This prophet’s story shows that no one is spared from divine punishment, even Noah’s عليه السلام drowned for rejecting the true religion.

Prophet Noah’s ark finally came to a halt on a mountain which the Qur’an has named “Judi”. Then Allah commanded: O Noah! Get out of this boat with peace and blessings, you and your crew. (Hud: 48)

In this way, Allah Almighty saved the Prophet of the time and his followers from great panic and misery. (al-Ambiaa: 76)

03 Short Story of Sayyidina Hud عليه السلام:

Now let’s take a look at the story of the Prophet Hud عليه السلام. The people of Aad were the first to start idolatry after the flood of Noah عليه السلام. The Holy Quran has also given the name of “Aad Ola” to this nation.

Prophet Hud عليه السلام invited his people in these words: “Brothers! worship Allah alone! You have no god other than Him. Do you not fear Allah? (A’raf: 65) Remember! There is no truth in what you associate with Him, but you use it to fabricate a lie against Allah. (Hud: 50) O my people! My status is only that I am Allah’s trustworthy Messenger to you.” (Poets: 126)

But the people did not believe in Hud عليه السلام at all, but called him a liar and an idiot and threatened him and said:

“O Hood! Do you advise us now or not? Both are equal to us. Because your words are nothing new.” (Al-Shu’ara ‘: 136)

“People came before you and they said such fabrications and you are still following in their footsteps.” (Poets: 137)

“No punishment will come upon us.” (Al-Shu’ara ‘: 138)

“So bring upon us the torments you promise us, if you are truthful.” (Al-A’raf: 70)

When Prophet Hud عليه السلام after constantly persuading his people, saw that the advice was of no use to them, he raised his hand before Allah to curse his nation. So he said to Allah: “O Allah! They have considered me a liar, so help me.” (Al-Mu’minun: 39) Allah replied: “They will soon be confused.” (al-Mominoon: 42)

Once again this story of the Prophet shows that no one can stop the punishment of Allah and that His messengers speak of nothing but the truth. As a result of this bad prayer, Allah first stopped the rains from the people of Aad, as a result of which a famine occurred. 


When they prayed for rain, they saw a cloud in the sky. A wave of happiness ran through the whole nation but the situation was that the cloud which they considered to be a cloud of mercy was in fact a cloud of torment. Allah Almighty said that it was in fact the same torment which you (the people of Aad) hastily demanded. : 24)

So Allah imposed on them a severe, cold and fierce wind which was beyond their control. (Al-Haaqqah: 6)

The wind destroyed them for seven nights and eight days in a row. (Al-Haaqqat: 7)

When the storm subsided, all the disobedient people died on the ground as if they were the trunks of fallen palms. (Al-Haaqqah: 8). This wind destroyed everything in the nation. (Al-Ahqaf: 25)

04 Short Story of Sayyidina Saleh عليه السلام

According to the story of  Prophet Saleh عليه السلام belonged to the tribe of Thamud. This nation was known by the same name.

When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was on his way to Tabuk with his Companions, he stopped near the (deserted) houses of Thamud at Hijr. The companions took water from the wells of the area which were being used by the people of Thamud. They kneaded flour with this water and put pots on the fire to cook meat. When the Messenger of Allah ﷺ came to know about this, he ordered to turn the pots and to feed the flour to the camels. He ﷺ forbade the Companions to enter upon whom the torment of Allah had descended and said: I fear lest the same torment befall you as it befell them, so do not enter their territory. (Musnad Ahmad: 5984)

These people were disobedient to Allah and polytheists. When the people of Thamud could not respond to the words of Saleh عليه السلام they declared him a sorcerer. At the same time, they demanded that if you are indeed a true prophet, then show us a miracle as a sign. (al-Shuaraa: 153, 154)

Saleh took a pledge from his people that when a miracle is shown to you from Allah, you will all believe. They assured Saleh عليه السلام that we would all believe after seeing a miracle.

So Saleh prayed to Allah to fulfill the demand of these people. Then Allah Almighty accepted the supplication of the Prophet Saleh عليه السلام and said: “We are going to send a she-camel to test him, so watch what happens to him and be patient with what he says.” (القمر: 27)

Then, by the command of Allah, a rock cracked and out of it came a huge pregnant she-camel, which had all the attributes that the claimants had described.

When they saw the miracle with their own eyes, they realized its greatness and they were amazed. This was a clear sign of the power of Allah and an indisputable proof of the prophethood of Saleh عليه السلام. A number of miracles are mentioned in various stories of the Prophets.

Allah Almighty imposed three restrictions on the people of Thamud regarding this camel:

(1) Wherever this she-camel wants to eat, no one of the people will stop her from grazing. (Al-A’raf: 73)

(2) One day it will be the turn of the camel in the water, the next day it will be the turn of the people. (Al-Qamar: 28)

(3) It should not be touched with bad intentions, otherwise severe punishment may come. (Al-A’raf: 73)

Now the situation was that the camel would graze wherever she wanted and when she went to the well to drink water, she would drink all the water from the well. So people would take water for the next day in their turn. They would drink his milk and it would be enough for everyone.

As a result of Prophet Saleh’s invitation, two groups had formed from the beginning. One for the believers and the other for the disbelievers. The confrontation between the two continued from the very first day. (An-Naml: 45) The other group, the chiefs of the infidels, endured this new ordeal (miracle of she-camel) for a while, but eventually they became tired of it. As a result, they sat together and made a suggestion and decided to kill the camel so that they could get all the water.

There were a few thugs living in the same area, “Hijr”. They were nine in number. Regarding them, Allah Almighty said that they used to cause mischief in the country and did not do any good deeds. (Al-Naml: 48)

The nine men won the support of the rest of the tribes and lurked to kill the camel. It is narrated on the authority of ‘Abdullah ibn Zama’ah رضي الله عنه that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم mentioned the camel and its killer during the sermon and said: “To kill him, a brave chief arose, who was obeyed, like (in Quraysh) Abu Zam’ah.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari: 4942)

He went ahead and took control at she-camel and cut off her legs.

After killing the camel, instead of showing shame in front of Syedna Saleh عليه السلام the people of Thamud demanded the opposite punishment and said:

“O Saleh! Whatever you threaten us with, if you are a true prophet from Allah, then bring it to us.”(Al-A’raf: 77)

Saleh عليه السلام said to them, “You have invited the torment of Allah yourself, so enjoy yourselves in your homes for three more days.” (Hud: 65) The people were wandering in their intoxication. They did not believe in this respite either. On the contrary, when night fell, they made a plan to assassinate Syedna Saleh عليه السلام. So all the people started swearing among themselves that we would attack him and his family at night. Then we will kill him and his family. (Al-Naml: 49) Then when his heirs demand diyat from us, we will turn away and we will say: We did not kill them. We did not go to the place of crime and we are true to our word. (al-Naml: 49)

As a result of the rebellion against Allah, enmity towards the Messenger, selfishness, arrogance, stubbornness and disbelief, after three days, they were finally punished by Allah overnight.

Allah sent two punishments on these people:

(1) The torment of the earth was that a severe earthquake hit them. (Al-A’raf: 78)

(2) The torment of the sky was that a very loud scream came from the sky as a result of which they were lying face down in their houses till morning as if they had never settled in this area. (Hud: 67, 68)

Thus, Allah Almighty made this nation a sign in this way. The incident of this nation has been mentioned by the Holy Quran as a sign as well.

There are lots of other stories of the Prophets and each of them holds multiple lessons for the people. 

Here we will suggest a  few books that cover different incidents and stories of the Prophets.


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