7 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Today

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What makes a good book? Simply put, a good book is one that you enjoy reading.” ― Carmela Dutra

How long has it been since you last read a book? Most of you might not have indulged in reading since your childhood or university days. At what point did we decide that it was not worth it? Or we just couldn’t make enough time in our day to read.

We are here to tell you that reading isn’t just about entertainment or learning. Creating the habit of it is extremely beneficial for all of us, irrespective of age. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top reading benefits.

  1. Mental Stimulation and Development

Read a book to stimulate your brain. The way the rest of our body needs exercise to keep fit and healthy similarly we need to keep our brain active too, and reading is a fun way to achieve that. In today’s age, the elderly in particular are falling ill to cognitive impairments like dementia and Alzhemeiers and a preventative measure to this is regular mental stimulation from an early age. Once again reading can be the answer to that. 

  1. Manage Your Stress

Aren’t we all plagued with stress to some extent? Stress has been normalized to the degree that we are all conditioned to embrace it as a regular part of our lives. That doesn’t however have to be the case. There are a number of ways that reading reduces stress. For starters, a good read can distract you from the issues at hand and secondly you can actually get lost in a good book whether it be fiction or non-fiction. A book can transport you back in time, or into the realms of imagination. According to some studies, reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.

  1. Expand your Vocabulary & Improve Spellings

Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary and spellings. A lot of us can relate to the issue of having poor spellings and vocabulary. Reading can improve our existing abilities. An expansive vocabulary is sure to give us all a lift in our professional lives and simply help us be more articulate in our daily speech. This improvement in communication can also act as a means of a confidence booster. It’s a great reading benefit especially if you choose to read a book in a non-native language. While reading seeing the words in front of you can correct a lot of misspellings and overtime issues of commonly misspelt words and overall spelling issues will see a significant improvement.

  1. Expansion of Knowledge

This is especially true for non-fiction books as they are generally more informative and are backed up with authenticated resources. Knowledge is more precious than we may know. Its the only thing that no one can take away from us and always proves beneficial at some stage of life. There is no such thing as useless knowledge. Pick up a book on any topic whether it be science, religion, history or even classical literature and expand the horizons of your existing knowledge. Ever felt inadequate in your understanding of a particular topic or field? Read a book on that topic and see the difference in reading a single book on that topic can make.

  1. Enhanced Concentration

It seems multitasking has been ingrained into our brains and has become second nature. How often have you found yourself scrolling through your phone during a conversation or watching TV while doing some house chores? Multi-tasking splits a person’s concentration and weakens their attention span and can encourage ADD (Attention deficiency disorder) like behaviour. It’s different when it comes to reading a book. You have to pay full attention to the book and can’t exactly multi-task. A good read will naturally immerse you in the material or story. Eventually, such habits will enhance your attention span over time.

  1. Bedtime Stories can Improve Sleep

Having trouble fitting reading into your daily routine? Try to grab a book before bed. Simply take out 20-30 mins before bed to read a book of your choice. Doing it every day before bed will automatically condition your brain to associate reading with your bedtime which can help you fall asleep much easier. The continuous eye movement of reading is also a way to tire you out and help you doze off.

  1. It’s soo much Fun

Let’s not forget the most important and convincing benefit of reading, Fun! To read a good book as per your favourite genre or interest means hours of entertainment. There is literally a book for every age, and interest or topic written. It doesn’t have to be an expensive habit either. You can always buy E-books which are often cheaper than Paper books, you can visit your local library for free books or even borrow from a friend. There are also a number of online sources where you can read books for free. 

See all the reading benefits that come with simply picking up a book to read. What are you waiting for? If you haven’t read a book in a while, start slow. Perhaps read for 15 mins a day and slowly up the time, which should come naturally once you are engrossed into the book. Before you know it you too will be a bookworm and will find it hard to put down a book. 

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