Be More Productive This Ramadan with Ramadan Kareem App

Ramadan App

Ramadan is certainly the key month to earn more blessings from Allah SWT. Bringing a complete sense of tranquility and peace, it invites global Muslims to devote themselves wholeheartedly, towards Allah.

Ramadan is not just about fasting; instead, it’s about complete devotion to Allah during day and night while performing prayers, rituals etc. The reward of every virtue is up by 70 times and even more; hence, it turns responsibility of every individual to make the most out of Ramadan.

However, a survey showed that around 65% Muslims are not satisfied with their schedule and productivity in Ramadan. The prime reason was lack of proper guidance/information and ability to schedule things. Darussalam Publishers has realized some key areas of improvement and came up with a stunning application ‘Ramadan Kareem’. It is aimed at helping our Muslim brothers and sisters improve their productivity in Ramadan and earn maximum blessings in the holy month.

Ramadan Kareem Application:

This application is a true depiction of what Muslims should do during the holy month and how to organize their daily affairs. It covers every aspect like; fasting, Tarawih, special prayers, and supplications etc. It also provides a dedicated calendar to schedule things for your better productivity. Above all, this is absolutely FREE application, making it more attractive for you.

Key Features:

Some of the key features are briefly explained below.

Prayer & Ibadah:

The app provides a handsome coverage of Ramadan prayers and special ibadah. The beauty of this feature is that you do not need to install other app for learning how to perform those rituals and ibadah. It explains every aspect pretty well.

Ramadan Calendar:

Ramadan calendar helps users plan their activity and make a daily/weekly schedule of things to perform. This calendar has links to other features like; Prayer Timing and keeps indicating the time of nearest prayer. Hence, it works as alarm that keeps pushing you to offer your prayer first and do other things later.

Prayer Timings According to Location:

This is very interesting feature of this Islamic app. It provides complete prayer timings according to your location. In addition, you can also set alarm for the given prayer timings and remain alert about the nearest prayer time before you do anything else. This is a very delicate way of turning into punctual Muslim.

Sehr & Iftar Alarms:

Yes, this app will also give you the dedicated Sehr and Iftar timing where you can set the alarm as per your convenience. If you face problem in waking up early or forget the iftar timing, this feature will provide ample help.

Duas for Ramadan:

Every ibadah has dedicated supplications and duas that add up to the reward and blessings. This beautiful app provides you a dedicated blend of beautiful duas and supplications. By reciting those on particular times, you can earn added rewards and more blessings in Ramadan.

Fasting Benefits:

In order to motivate youngsters, fasting benefits have been added. This feature highlights health, spiritual and other benefits of fasting exercise in a brief but comprehensive manner. Those brothers and sisters, who turn lazy towards fasting, will find this feature a handy tool for inspiring them.

Ramadan Time Table:

A well-planned time table is key tool for improving your efficiency. Ramadan time table will help you plan your activities in a disciplined manner and become more productive. No other application will provide you this much benefits at one place.

Daily Blessings and Gifts:

Every day is special day and we make it more special by sharing daily blessings and gifts. This section contains the following.

– Ayat of the Day: A dedicated verse from the Holy Qur’an with its translation and interpretation.

– Hadith of the Day: Holy saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH to strengthen your belief.

– Dua of the Day: Make every day special with a unique set of duas and supplication. Dua of the day is aimed at helping you in the same.

– Sunnah of the Day: With reference to the historic and other preference/relevance of the day, you can learn a dedicated ‘Sunnah of the day’.

– Ramadan Fact of the Day: The month of Ramadan has significance in the history of Islam as some key events like the battle of Badar took place in it. This feature will give you some historical/general Islamic fact each day.

If we summarize the benefits and features of this application, it provides ample information, guidance, and technical support to be more productive during the holy month. Grab your free copy of ramadan kareem app now.

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Be More Productive This Ramadan with Ramadan Kareem App
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Be More Productive This Ramadan with Ramadan Kareem App
Darussalam Publishers has realized some key areas of improvement and came up with a stunning Ramadan Kareem App.


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