Patience: Just a Manner or Something More? An Islamic Perspective


Almighty Allah has made patience as strong and firm as a horse that never stumbles or get tired and as successful as a sharp sword. Therefore, it is always the basic and common step of victory; there is no victory without patience.

It is enough to have patience as it is the strongest weapon for the Muslim. It is a great privilege for the patient that Allah has promised him to be granted His support in particular, both in this world and the Hereafter. Patience is the major requisite of leadership. Patience and triumph are, therefore, like twin brothers that never part from one another.

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The original meaning of Arabic word “Sabr” is: “restriction and detention.”  But from the Islamic point of view is: “to restrain or prevent one’s soul from worry or reaching the point of despair and panic, control the tongue from complaining and restrain parts of the body from striking the face, tearing the clothes in the time of grief and so on.”

Allah the Exalted clearly promises in His statement in the Holy Quran, that He will reward those who persevere patiently without measure. He has declared that He is with them with His guidance, dominant help, and a clear victory. He says:

“…And be patient and persevere, for Allah is with those who patiently persevere.” (Al-Anfal 8:46)

Patience is the major requisite of leadership, as Allah mentioned it in His Book. He says:

“When they (Children of Israel) became steadfast and believed firmly in Our Message, We raised leaders among them guiding them according to Our Command.” (As-Sajdah 32:24)

As long as you are patient and conscious of Allah, no evil plan ever harms you. Moreover, patience leads to glory, dignity and success. As a whole, it is enough that Allah has stated that He loves the patient. And it is the greatest encouragement for those who aspire to it. Allah says:

“Allah loves those who endure in patience.” (Al-‘Imran 3:146)

Allah created human beings and divided them into two groups. The people of the right (Paradise) and the people of the left (Hell). He favoured the people of the right by making them urge one another to steadfastness and compassion, and He favoured the steadfast and grateful people with the benefits of His signs in order to differentiate them.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) endured in patience, while he was calling disbelievers and polytheists of Makkah to True Religion of Islam. He was patient in receiving all kinds of hardships and trials in his life, whether these hardships and trials were from the disbelievers, as a torture or from Allah, as a test. He is the role model for all Muslims around the world to be followed individually.

At last fortune are those who attain the best for their life through their patience (steadfastness), advance to the highest ranks and enter Paradise with the wings of patience. This is the bounty and the grace of Allah, He grants it to whomever He wills. We ask Him to grant us patience, make us from the patients, whom Allah loves and admit us to Paradise. Ameen


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