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We are living in the age of a networked society where information technology has digitalized our surroundings. The revolution in the information technology sector is influencing our life styles so our reading habits. For instance, people now a days love to spend more time with their digital gadgets than the old styled paper books. For this, libraries are also changing to meet the need of the time. The new generation, whose demand for the information is never met, is always demanding the libraries equipped and interconnected as digital libraries. On the other hand, some of us are unable to afford to buy those expensive books or don’t bother to go out and buy ourselves our desired books.

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Did you know what a digital library is and how it works? A digital library or an e-library is a well managed collection of digitized content, which can be accessible by a computer, laptop, mobile phones or any of your digital gadgets free or on nominal charges.

The need of Online Islamic Library

These days, a number of online stores and libraries are offering eBooks for sale and lending. But to find an authentic Islamic books store is really tough. Because a well organized lobby is working hard to temper the content of Islamic books and doing propaganda against Islam. Being a Muslim, it is our utmost faith that no messenger or a book will be sent again by Allah (SWT) as Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) is His last messenger and the noble Qur’an is His last revealed book. Therefore, these Islamic books are the source of great knowledge after Quran and Sunnah. Reading such books helps their reader to eliminate ignorance and illuminate their minds and souls alike.

eDarussalam’s Online eBooks Library

To encounter all the aforesaid unfortunate, activities, Darussalam Publishers, being the global leader in Islamic Publications, has again proved itself as a light of hope for Muslims by launching its first state of the art eBooks library on internet. For this Darussalam Publishers always gratifies its scholars and writers to dignified positions to make an advanced book industry and such libraries.

eDarussalam eBook Library is an interactive, academic and a reader-oriented Islamic library offering a wide range of ebooks on almost every aspect of our lives. Here, the users are allowed to search their desired books against categories, writers, language and genre etc. The reader can not only read the book online but also can download his/her required eBook for offline reading. Various pricing packages had been offered for all types of customers so that they can quench their thirst of knowledge at reasonable prices. The modern technology has been integrated to made the payment methods secure and confidential. All these services are followed by a free trial period of seven (7) days and a full 100% refund of your payment, in case if you don’t like our services.

The Success Story

We are pleased to mention here that our e-library is being backed by the renowned scholars like Mr. Abdul Ma’lik Mujahid, Dr. Zakir Na’ik, Dr. Bilal Phillips and Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais. And we would also like to thank our loyal readers for very positive feedback against eDarussalam.

We are working day and night to add more and more books in this library and to make it more user-friendly, all we need is your support and feedback. For this, it is requested to please subscribe to our library even on free trial period and let us know what else you want to see in this library. We are sure that the content that this e-library keeps worth a lot more than what we are asking for. May Allah (SWT) accept our noble deeds and make this library a source of blessing for you, us and all the Muslim Ummah, InshaAllah.

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Online Islamic Library eDarussalam is Open for the World
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Online Islamic Library eDarussalam is Open for the World
Biggest online Islamic library is now open for Muslims and non-Muslims, Men, Women and Children. Everyone can read authentic Islamic eBooks by Darussalam.
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