New Muslim? Where to Start Learning About Islam?

New Muslim? Where to Start Learning About Islam?

Converting to Islam is very simple and full of blessings. If you want to convert to Islam all you have to do is  testify in these Arabic words:

The meaning of this word is:

“I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad ﷺ is the messenger of Allah.”

As you utter these words from your heart without having any doubt of your faith, you become a Muslim.

The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’, and is derived from a word meaning ‘peace’. As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind, one must submit to Allah. The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of Allah.

Islam is not a new religion because ‘submission to the will of Allah (i.e. Islam), has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of Allah. For this reason, Islam is the true ‘natural religion’, and it is the same eternal message revealed through the ages to all of Allah’s prophets and messengers.

The main message of all the prophets has always been that there is only One True God (Allah Almighty) and He alone is to be worshipped. These prophets include Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John, and Jesus, عليهم السلام (peace be upon them all).

وَمَاۤ أَرۡسَلۡنَا مِن قَبۡلِكَ مِن رَّسُولٍ إِلَّا نُوحِیۤ إِلَیۡهِ أَنَّهُۥ لَاۤ إِلَـٰهَ إِلَّاۤ أَنَا۠ فَٱعۡبُدُونِ

“We did not send before you (O Muhammad) any messenger but We revealed to him: ‘none has the right to be worshipped except I, therefore worship Me”.

(الأنبياء: 25)

Darussalam has published dozens of Islamic books for new Muslims. These books reflect Islam, free from all kinds of sectarian prejudices. The special thing about these books is that they present a true picture of Islam in simple straightforward language. If a new Muslim uses these books, he will surely study many aspects of Islam and will feel free from many other books available in the market.

The majority of the Islamic books published by Darussalam reflect the knowledge of the Salaf Saliheen who were Imams of Islam and were made the standard in Islam to be followed. They were Sahaba (the companions), Tabieen, and who followed them after them from the true believers. The nature of these books is to present the teachings of Islam derived from Its direct sources i.e. Quran and Sahih Sunnah with references to the sources. After reading the Islamic books published by Darussalam, readers can easily judge the true picture of Islam.

It is very worrying for the new Muslims when they initially convert to Islam, even though they have chosen a path of light but getting the correct guidance can be intimidating. They face a mixed religion of Islam instead of pure Islam. Where people have voluntarily changed the Torah and the Gospel, they have not spared any effort in changing the meaning of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and attributing falsehoods.

New converts fall into the hands of these people and either become heretics or leave Islam after hearing false rumors about the religion of Islam. At times Muslims themselves don’t present a good picture of Islam through their actions and this too drives away new converts.

So, there was an urgent need to provide new Muslims with the best Islamic books and other resources for them to acquaint themselves with the true spirit of Islam. The books on the Darussalam platform will definitely be very helpful for this purpose.

Here are some books that would be helpful for learning Islam by new converts.

01 Study the Noble Quran Word for Word (1/3 Colors in English)

This version of the Holy Quran will help new Muslims to learn the meaning of the Holy Quran word for word along with fluent translation in English. This will be helpful to understand the Arabic grammar as well.

Noble Quran word for word

02 Tafseer Ahsan-ul-Bayan (تفسير أحسن البيان)

This is the interpretation of the meaning of the Holy Quran which is one of the most famous tafsir in the world. Darussalam published this interpretation with the title Tafsir Ahsanul-Bayan which is so appropriate in terms of art of interpretation that King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran has printed it and distributed it all over the world in different languages for free of cost. This tafsir is available in many languages along with English and in different sizes along with pocket size.

The content provided in this tafsir is elicited from the direct sources; Quran and Sunnah and then the indirect sources; sayings of Sahaba and Tabi’een. The citations of the Arabic dictionaries help provide additional explanations to the verses.

Ahsan ul Bayan

03 Riyad-Us-Saliheen (رياض الصالحين)

What is the Islamic system of society, the rights of Allah and the rights of people on the basis of which a human society looks like paradise? To know this subject, the greatest benefactor of this ummah, Imam Nawawi رحمه الله wrote an Islamic book entitled رياض الصالحين which covers all the topics regarding the various issues, etiquettes etc. Darussalam has published this book in Urdu, English and some other languages and has become one of the best selling books.

Riyad us saliheen is a great collection of subject wise commentary from the Quran and Sunnah which comprises about 2000 Ahadith in 372 chapters and 19 sections. This book is the best option for madaris, schools, colleges and Universities from an Islamic educational point of view. It contains a brief explanation of every Hadith with full references along with the status of hadith as Sahih and Daeef. 

riyad us salheen

04 Minhaj ul Muslim (منهاج المسلم)

This great offer of Darussalam under the name of Minhaj-ul-Muslim is a wonderful gift for every Muslim, compiled by the eminent religious Saudi scholar, Sheikh Abu Bakr Jaber Al-Jazairi. He has brought to the notice of the people in one volume all the necessary rules and regulations of Islam. We can say that this Islamic book is a comprehensive collection of the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah related to all walks of life.

minhaj Al Muslim

05 Namaz e Nabvi (نماز نبوی)

This Islamic book is an encyclopedia of the issues of Salah (prayer) in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. It details the process of salah and ablution in the light of the sunnah to ensure everyone is offering salah in the correct manner.

Namaz e nabvi

06 The Sealed Nectar (الرحيق المختوم)

No doubt, ‘The Sealed Nectar’ (الرحيق المختوم) is a book of great value and praiseworthy work on the life of Muhammad (PBUH). This book was written by the Eminent Shaikh Safiur-Rahman Mubarakpuri of Jamiah Salafiyah, Banaras (India). The first Islamic Conference on the Seerah (biography of the Prophet (PBUH) was held in 1976 in Pakistan sponsored by the Muslim World League. The League announced a worldwide contest for writing a book on the life of the Prophet (PBUH). One hundred and fifty thousand Saudi Riyals (SR 150,000) (forty thousand U.S. Dollars) was announced as the grand prize for the best five books. The Sealed Nectar was awarded the first winner position.

The Sealed Nectar

See our suggested collection of Islamic books for new Muslims by clicking here.

For more Islamic books, you can visit the official website of Darusslam.

In addition to books, new Muslims need other resources to meet their guidance. In this digital age, digital resources have risen in importance. The convenience of the internet cannot be denied, but it also cannot be completely relied upon alone. There should be complete guidance for new Muslims to get to know about Islam, their problems and their solutions in the light of the Quran and Sahih Sunnah. Nowadays, there are dozens of websites which are being operated by people that do not have enough knowledge to guide new Muslims. They may aim to spread Islam but in reality lead people astray due to unauetntic teachings.

For your convenience we have listed a few websites that can be used to learn more about Islam:

  1. Islamqa
  2. How to Become Muslim
  3. Islam Wise
  4. New Muslim Academy
  5. Saaid
  6. binothaimeen
  7. islamway
  8. dora

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