The Methodology of Hajj and Umrah (Series of Islamic Principles)

The Methodology of Hajj and Umrah

All praise to Allah: The Lord of The Worlds, Who Made Hajj the mandatory ritual for the believers and Ordered them to perform it complying with laid down terms and manners.

The book under discussion; ‘The Methodology of Hajj and Umrah’ written by Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymin is a brief but comprehensive guide that focuses on the holy rituals of Hajj. Originally, the book was published in Arabic, which has been translated in English by Darussalam Publishers.

Performing Hajj is compulsory for every Muslim at least once in his/her lifespan (if he can afford) and to perform it feasibly one must follow the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.  This imperative book explains the importance and rituals of the annually held pilgrimage to Mecca with special motivation on how the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed Hajj and Umrah.

Looking at the contents of the book, we find that despite being brief, the book covers a range of topics concerning Hajj. Different sections cover all phases of Hajj & Umrah right before leaving for it, all through the phases of pilgrimage, performing rituals, and then back home.

Some of the topics are listed below:

  • Intention (Niyyah and Ihram)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Manners of Hajj
  • Supplications and Invocations
  • Tawaf Al-Qudum (Arrival)
  • Saa’ye between Al-Safa and Al-Marwa
  • Proceed to Mina
  • Wuquf in Arafat
  • Proceed to spend the night in Muzdalifah
  • Lapidation (Stoning the devil)
  • Slaughter a Sacrifice
  • Cut Your Hair
  • Tawaf Al-Ifadha
  • Return to Mina
  • Farewell  Tawaf
  • Back home

What Makes The Book Special?

There are a range of characteristics that make it a must-read item. First of all, it contains a complete hajj guide with a strong sense of authenticity. Being published by Darussalam means, it has a strong sense of being purely authentic and free from any sectarian material.

The language is easy to understand and different sections provide the spiritual diet in pieces.  Some people have preconceived ideas about difficulties they may have to face while performing Hajj/Urmah, this book will surely fulfill the purpose of alleviating them of any anxiety or fear.

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The Methodology of Hajj and Umrah (Series of Islamic Principles)
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