Islamic eBook Library – First Digital Islamic Library in the World

Islamic eBook Library

Reading books increases the thirst for knowledge and urges the reader to obtain more information. Man’s search for knowledge has led him to new discoveries and inventions. Such quest resulted in gathering remarkable information and authoring and compiling of millions of unique books all over the world.

Islam motivates its adherents to seek knowledge. The first revelation and verse that descended upon the Prophet (PBUH) was ‘Iqra’ meaning ‘read’, which opens the door to read, write and reflect.

The Holy Book of Allah (SWT) exhorts the mankind to acquire knowledge that would bring them closer to their Lord and His creation.

Islam also elevates its scholars, teachers and writers to noble positions, which resulted in producing the advance book industry and libraries that developed in the Muslim world just within couple of centuries after the death of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Such libraries were established in almost every corner of the Muslim world. In fact, the entire Muslim world revolved around the books.

Libraries had become common in societies and scholars, writers and booksellers competed with each other in the production and distribution of books.

This clearly indicates the value of libraries and reveal the gift that Islam bestowed upon the next generations.

Reading books helps their reader to eliminate ignorance and illuminate their minds and souls alike.

Islamic Library

Darussalam’s Islamic eBook Library is the factually an interactive, academic and consumer focused Digital Islamic library offering range of books covering every aspect of our lives and routine affairs.

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