Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

Retaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for every person; and in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to eat simple and nutritious food. The constant mobility in our lives has led us to consume what we nowadays call “fast food”.

The type of food that we consume today is nowhere near as healthy as it should be. There are numerous studies that insist upon the intake of organic and simple diet. Moreover, our religion Islam also constantly approves of the fact that natural simple foods are more beneficial for the human health than any other. Not just that but the Holy Quran and the Sunnah have also suggested remedies for ailments in certain types of food.

Islamic cure
Islamic cure

One such thing is honey.  Countless references from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah suggest that honey is extremely beneficial for us. It helps in curing many diseases and the best part is that it is absolutely fat free. It is an excellent cure for diarrheaas it is easily digested.

Extensive research shows that it also acts as an antibiotic due to the presence of a certain enzyme in it. Not just this, but an experimental study concluded that honey also serves as remedy for diseases of the digestive system. The Holy Prophet states:

“You should take the two that bring healing: Honey and the Qur’an.”

– Sunan Ibn MajahBook 31, Hadith 3578

Black seed/cumin is another very useful type of grain. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

“In black seed there is healing for every disease, except the Sam. Sam means death”

– Sunan Ibn MajahBook 31, Hadith 3573

Medically black seed is beneficial in destroying bladder stones and as a diuretic. It is also known to be used for curing common cold and migraines. The oil extracted from the black cumin is used in medicines for asthma. Other studies show that it was used by people for curing tooth ache, as a laxative, and throat infections. It is also known to control blood pressure and strengthens the immunity system.

Islamic cure
Islamic cure

Another popular fruit used in Islamic medicine is olives. As stated in Ayahs and Ahadith, olives come from a blessed tree. While they are used in many forms, the most commonly used form of olives is their oil. The use of olive oil is extensive. Firstly it is commonly used to cook different types of meals as well as used in dressings for various salads.

The use of olive oil is often associated with regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol; which is very true. It is a very good antioxidant and contains vitamin E. Research shows that olive oil tends to reduce death rates. Plus another research shows that lower deaths due to cancer in the
Mediterranean are due to inclusion of olive oil as the basic source of fat in the diet.

Last but not the least; milk. The importance of milk has been emphasized in numerous places in the Quran and Sunnah. It is regarded as the most complete form of nutrient available on earth. It contains all basic forms of nutrients including fat, protein, starch, vitamins and minerals.

It is essential for the growth from infancy to adolescence. The calcium present in it strengthens the bones. It is a remedy for liver diseases and is known to protect against ulcers. Most importantly, milk was the most beloved of drinks to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


These and many other simple and natural foods are extremely beneficial for human body. The book “Islamic Medicine: the key to a better life” by Darussalam Publishers contains numerous other foods that serve as a prevention as well as a remedy for numerous ailments and is worth reading for anyone who wishes to keep a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!
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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!
Discover the health benefits of simple and nutritious foods emphasized in Islam, such as honey, black seed, olive oil, and milk. Explore their healing properties based on references from the Quran and Sunnah.


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