Health Benefits of Olives & Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olives & Olive Oil

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Health Benefits of Olives & Olive Oilolives in quran and hadith

Olives are the gift from heaven to mankind. The common benefits of Olives were well known by the ancients; however, a few years ago the modern science began to realize some of its other benefits.And how can it not be blessed, when Allah (SWT) has sworn by it and by its land, in the verses of Noble Qur’an in which He (SWT) says:

“By the fig, and the olive. By Mount Sinai. By this city of security (Makkah).” (Surah At-Teen, 95:1-3)

So the tree is blessed so its oil – for sure. The recent studies have shown that olive oil protects against the diseases of modern age like heart attacks, and it prevents hardening of the arteries. The myth, which said that olive oil increases cholesterol in blood,has now been contradicted.The anticipation that scared many people to use Olive oil has been laid to rest. Modern science has discovered that olive oil is the enemy of cholesterol, and fights it wherever it is find in the human body.

It was the first time in the history when sixteen most renowned doctors in the world met in Rome on 21 April 1997, to share their joint references and findings of more than thirty pages on olive oil and the Mediterranean diet.Here, we will discuss some of these findings and recommendations with the latest scientific research as an add-on. In their statement, they confirmed that consuming olive oil contributes to protecting against high cholesterol levels in the blood, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes; it also lookouts against some cancers.

American or European researchers didn’t paid any attention to olive oil until Dr. Grundy came up with his research in 1985.In which, he quoted that olive oil lowers cholesterol levels. Afterthis research, many studies were carried out focusing on the benefits and secrets of olive oil that comes from a blessed tree.

The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Eat olive oil and rub it on your skin, for it comes from a blessed tree.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi)

Common Types of Olives and their oil

Olives are hot and wet in the first degree. The quality of the oil depends on the tree on which that particular olive grows. For instance, the best type of olive oil is that is extracted from ripe olives, while the oil from unripe olives is cold and dry in nature. The oil produces from the Red Olives lies between these while black olives produce hot and wet oil. Olive oil works as a laxative,helps against poisons and rids the body of worms. Old olive oil leans more towards being hot and decomposing. The salty water blended with oil helps burned skin against blistering. When the Olive oil is blended with water, it becomes less hot, milder and thus more beneficial. All kinds of olive oil slows the aging process and soften the skin. It also strengthens the gingiva (gums), while olive leaves help against sores,erysipelas (skin infections), septic ulcers and hives.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil are associated with its richness in mono unsaturated fatty acids and in antioxidants. Scientific researchers have proved that olive oil lowers overall cholesterol levels and levels of bad cholesterol, without any effect on good cholesterol.

Lower Death Rates

On 20 December 1999, a study was published in“The Lancet journal”which stated that the death rates in the poorest country in Europe, namely Albania which is a Muslim country, are very low. The death rate in Albania in males is 41 per hundred thousand, which is half of what it is in Britain.The researchers associated this long-life of people in Albania, with very low income, to their diet, their low consumption of meat and dairy products, and their high consumption of fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and olive oil.

Olive Oil Prevents Cancer

Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that there is a reverse proportion between olive oil and the frequency of a number of cancers. Most of these studies confirm that there was a strong relationship between consumption of olive oil and low rates of breast and stomach cancer. Not only that, but a number of other scientific researches shows, that consuming olive oil may protect against many other cancers, including cancer of the colon, uterus, and ovary, despite the fact that the number of these studies is still small. [Stated by the head of the Institute of Atherosclerosis Research in the University of Munster, in Germany, who is one of the most prominent researchers in the world]

Olive Oil and Stomach Ulcers

It was October 2000, when a researcher from Harvard University presented his study paper at a conference of the American Society for the Study of Gastroenterology. This study showed that unsaturated oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil and fish oil, may prevent the growth of Helicobacter pylori germs in the stomach. These bacteria are responsible for a number of issues of stomach ulcers and even leads to stomach cancer. It was confirmed that food that contains these oils may have a beneficial effect in defending against stomach cancer and reducing the possibility of stomach ulcers to reoccur.

Olive oil and breastfeeding

University of Barcelona published a study in February 1996, which was carried out on 40 breastfeeding mothers from whom samples of breast milk were taken, the researchers found that most of the fats present in breast milk were of the mono unsaturated type. This type of fats is indeed regarded as the best kind of fats which should be consumed by humans; it is the type of fat for which olive oil is famous.The researchers associated the cause of this case to the fact that women in Spain consume a lot of olive oil.

Olive oil and Joints(Arthritis)

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints of the hands, feet and elsewhere.

Scientists assumed that there was an contrary relationship between consumption of certain foods and the incidence of this disease. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in its November 1999 edition, published a study that shows that those who consumed very small amounts of olive oil in their food were at greater risk than those whose food was rich in olive oil. The researchers associated that to the unsaturated fats and antioxidants contained in olive oil.

Olive oil kills head lice

The recent stats published in the Newsletter of Infectious Diseases in Children, in April 1998, shows that head lice are again appearing in epidemic proportions in America, from New York to Los Angeles, and they affect approximately 12,000,000 Americans, most of whom are children.

Studies carried out by the American Hebrew University and the American Head Lice Institute proved that applying olive oil to the head that is affected by head lice for a number of hours kills the lice on the head.

There are many other health benefits and usages of Olives and Olive oil; that is why the Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) has specifically used its name in Quran and Hadith.

Disclaimer: The author and the publishing site strictly prohibits to use this article as medical prescription or home remedies etc. As these remedies have to be followed with proper care and quantity plus additives. For further details please consult the books, “Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (PBUH)” “The Islamic Medicine” “The Islamic Guideline on Medicine” published by Darussalam Publishers.

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