Grand Winter Sale Series! Its Time for Surprise 2!

We loved the enthusiasm you all showed in the first mini sale of the series. Surprise 1 had some amazing deals and offers that you all availed.

The great news is all good things DO NOT come to an end!

Gear up for surprise 2 of our grand winter sale!

Surprise 2 is now live

Surprise 2 offers are valid from the 29th till 31st of Dec.

Let’s take a look at the offers included in this surprise

Offer 1:

Get a flat 10% discount on all biography books! Yes you heard that right!

This means you can now read all the seerah books and books on the companions of the prophets for a fraction of the price. A good biography is a must for everyone’s collection. Now get them at 10% off.

Shop now by clicking here

Offer 2:

We also have new cashback offers this surprise with even bigger savings! Use these coupons on any product from our website for the best bargains. Even better use them in combination with our discount deal to grab your biography books at the biggest bargain.

Saudi Arabia & International:

Cashback offer 1:

Save: SAR 10
Min Spend: SAR100
Promo code: CBBSA10

Cashback offer 2:

Save: SAR 28
Min Spend: SAR250
Promo code: CBBSA28

Cashback offer 3:

Save: SAR 60
Min Spend: SAR500
Promo code: CBBSA60


Cashback offer 1:

Save: PKR 150
Min Spend: PKR 1,500
Promo code: CBBPK150

Cashback offer 2:

Save: PKR 275
Min Spend: PKR 2,500
Promo code: CBBPK275

Cashback offer 3:

Save: PKR 600
Min Spend: PKR 5,000
Promo code: CBBPK600

United Arab Emirates:

Cashback offer 1:

Save: AED 10
Min Spend: AED 100
Promo code: CBBSA10

Cashback offer 2:

Save: AED 28
Min Spend: AED 250
Promo code: CBBSA28

Cashback offer 3:

Save: AED 60
Min Spend: AED 500
Promo code: CBBSA60

United Kingdom and Europe:

Cashback offer 1:

Save: £2.5
Min Spend: £25
Promo code: CBBGB2

Cashback offer 2:

Save: £5
Min Spend: £45
Promo code: CBBGB5

Cashback Offer 3:

Save: £10
Min Spend: £85
Promo code: CBBGB10

So head over to today and start shopping. There is nothing better than cold winter nights and a good book to read.

Remember, surprise 3 will be revealed on 1st Jan. So stay tuned!


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