Golden Supplications for Children

What is a supplication or a quranic supplication? What is its importance? Supplications are requests a person submits to his Sustainer and Provider. Whenever a person is afflicted by trouble, he cries out: “Ya Allah, Ya Raheem! (O Allah! O Compassionate One!). Allah has ordained that His slaves should call Him and promised that He will answer their requests. 

Supplication in itself is a great act of worship. According to a narration:

الدعاء هو العبادة

Supplication is an act of Worship

(سنن الترمذي: 2969)

And also Allah Almighty has urged us to make supplications in many verses of His dear book:

وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِی عَنِّی فَإِنِّی قَرِیبٌۖ أُجِیبُ دَعۡوَةَ ٱلدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِۖ فَلۡیَسۡتَجِیبُوا۟ لِی وَلۡیُؤۡمِنُوا۟ بِی لَعَلَّهُمۡ یَرۡشُدُونَ

When My servants ask you ˹O Prophet˺ about Me: I am truly near. I respond to one’s prayer when they call upon Me. So let them respond ˹with obedience˺ to Me and believe in Me, perhaps they will be guided ˹to the Right Way˺

(البقرة: 186)

Allah Almighty also says:

أَمَّن یُجِیبُ ٱلۡمُضۡطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَیَكۡشِفُ ٱلسُّوۤءَ وَیَجۡعَلُكُمۡ خُلَفَاۤءَ ٱلۡأَرۡضِۗ أَءِلَـٰهࣱ مَّعَ ٱللَّهِۚ قَلِیلࣰا مَّا تَذَكَّرُونَ

Or ˹ask them,˺ “Who responds to the distressed when they cry to Him, relieving ˹their˺ affliction, and ˹Who˺ makes you successors in the earth? Is it another god besides Allah? Yet you are hardly mindful!”

(النمل: 62)

Imam Ibn Katheer – may God have mercy on him – said: The Almighty warns that He is the one who is called upon during adversity and is desired in times of calamity.

Supplications have two types in Islam:

  1. Dua al-Ibadah (Supplications of worship)
  2. Dua al-Mas’alah (Supplications of Asking)

The first type is all about the acts regarding the praise of Allah like Surah Fatiha, Ayat-ul-Kursi etc and the second one is all about the asking of the man before Allah for forgiveness, goodness, paradise, ease for this life and the hereafter etc. According to the etiquettes of Quranic Supplication and Islamic duas, every Muslim should memorize both kinds of Supplications and supplicate according to the Holy Sunnah.

Most of the people don’t know how to pray according to the Sunnah, which prayers are prohibited, which are authentic, which are related to a specific time, place and method etc. So, there is a need to guide the people in this regard. The supplications book “Golden Supplications for children” by Abdul Malik Mujahid will be helpful in all these aspects and it especially caters to children and young readers.

Supplication is the ultimate solution for human problems whether they be physical or spiritual. On the other hand if a man doesn’t pray to Allah, Allah become angry with him, as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

مَن لم يسأَلِ اللهَ، يغضَبْ عليه

he who does not ask Allah, he gets angry with him.

(الترمذي: 3373)

Al-Mubarakfuri رحمه الله said: Because neglecting the question (before Allah) is arrogant and despised, and this is not permissible for a man.

And in the same way, the messenger of Allah said:

إن ربَّكم تبارك وتعالى حييٌّ كريمٌ، يستحيي من عبده إذا رفع يديه إليه أن يردهما صِفرًا

Your Lord is munificent and generous and is ashamed to turn away empty the hands of His servant when he raises them to Him

(أبو داود: 1488)

He (PBUH) also said:

مَن سره أن يستجيب اللهُ له عند الشدائد والكرب، فليُكثر الدُّعاء في الرخاء

“Whoever wishes that Allah would respond to him during hardship and grief, then let him supplicate plentifully when at ease.”

(الترمذي: 3382)

All these Quranic verses and Ahadith indicate that a Muslim must supplicate before Allah in every situation but as per the Sunnah.

 So, were you previously aware of the importance of supplications? Are you now ready to memorize the supplications for yourself and your family and to learn their meanings and explanations? Then Darussalam will help you in this regard and will recommend Golden Supplications for Children for you and your family. It’s the perfect book on Quranic supplications and invocations.

This book will help children understand the meanings of the supplications along with their explanation. The nature of the book is to translate Arabic words and then to explain the supplication with some examples, i.e. examples of Seerah of the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba etc. The language of the book is extremely simple as it has primarily been aimed at children however it can be used by adults too that are looking for easy to memorize supplications that they can incorporate in their daily life.

This book of Quranic supplications for children is a marvellous piece of work by Abdul Malik Mujahid.  He is a Pak-Saudi citizen, the author of dozens of Islamic books, the owner of Darussalam International, the chairman of Darussalam Educational System Pakistan and the president of Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Saudi Arabia.

He is well known in Pakistan for his speech, writing style, leadership and presidency.

A total of 90 supplications have been covered in this book, the entire list can be viewed from the table of contents below.

Table of Content 

  1. Foreword
  2. Supplication on Waking Up
  3. Supplication while Entering Lavatory
  4. Supplication while exiting the lavatory
  5. Supplication before Performing Ablution
  6. Supplications after completing ablution
  7. Supplication upon Entering Home
  8. Supplication upon Exiting Home
  9. Supplication when Going to the mosque for Tahajjud and Fajr prayer
  10. Invocation for entering the mosque

    *Refer to the end of the blog for the complete table of contents.

The book is perfect for families that want to teach their children Islamic duas for their well being. Since all the supplications included are related to daily life tasks, it makes the book extremely practical. Children can learn the supplications and implement them in their life right away. 

Extract 01: Take a look at this supplication for the ease of troubles

Supplication for Ease of Troubles

 اللَّهمَّ لا سَهلَ إلّا ما جَعَلتَه سَهلًا، وأنتَ تَجعَلُ الحَزْنَ إذا شِئتَ سَهلًا.

Allaahumma laa sahla illaa maa ja`altahu sahlan wa ‘Anta taj`alul-hazna ‘ithaa shi’ta sahlan.

O Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. If You please, You ease sorrow. (As Sahiha 2886)


In the Arabic language, the word


Refers to the hard and uneven part of the earth and the word


Refers to the soft and even parts of the earth. Here


Means troubles and


Means ease.

In this supplication, a person invokes Allah that nothing is difficult for Him. Allah and Allah alone can convert the troubles and hardships of His servants into comfort and ease.

O Allah! Save me from all hardships of this world and the Hereafter and bless me with ease and comfort.

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As seen above all the supplications included contain their English translation and explanation. This step by step collection of supplications is the best way to learn.

Pick up a copy of “Golden Supplications for Children” for yourself and let us know your review in the comments below.

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*Complete table of Contents

  1. Supplication for leaving the mosque
  2. Supplications after the Call for prayer
  3. The First Supplication of Prayer
  4. Supplication during Ruku‘ (bowing in prayer)
  5. Supplications for rising from the Ruku‘
  6. Supplication during Sujood
  7. Supplications for sitting between two prostrations
  8. Invocation for At-Tashahhud (sitting in prayer)
  9. Salawaat (Asking Allah to bestow blessings upon the Prophet saw)
  10. Suggested Supplications after the final Tashahhud and before ending the prayer
  11. Supplications after the Completion of prayer
  12. Ayat-ul-Kursi
  13. Supplication after Fajr Prayer
  14. Surah Ikhlas
  15. Surah Al-Falaq
  16. Surah An-Naas
  17. Supplication for Istikhara (seeking Allah’s Counsel) Prayer
  18. Supplications for Mornings and Evenings
  19. Supplications for the Witr prayers
  20. What to say immediately following the Witr prayer
  21. Supplication for Ease of Troubles
  22. Supplication for Anguish
  23. Supplication Against the Fear of a Tyrant Ruler
  24. Supplication for Safety Against the Evil of People
  25. Invocations in Times of Worry and Grief
  26. The Funeral Prayer
  27. Invocations for the dead in the Funeral prayer
  28. The funeral prayer of a child and Supplications for it
  29. Invocations for a child in the Funeral prayer
  30. Condolence is an approved act
  31. Invocation for the bereaved
  32. Supplication to Get Rid of Debts
  33. Supplication for the Prostration of Recitation
  34. Supplication for the Helpless
  35. Invocations for Visiting the Sick
  36. What to say when you feel pain in your body
  37. Easy Remedy for all Ills
  38. Supplication when you see an ailing or disabled person
  39. Supplication to Visit the Graveyard
  40. Fighting Satan’s Machinations while Offering Prayer or Reciting Quran
  41. Supplication when it Rains
  42. Supplication upon Sighting the Moon
  43. Supplication for Fasting
  44. Supplication for Iftar
  45. Supplication on Lailatul Qadr
  46. Supplication Before Meal
  47. Supplication After Meal
  48. Supplication before drinking milk
  49. Supplication of the Guest for the Host
  50. Supplication upon Sneezing
  51. Supplication to Relieve Anger
  52. Supplication to compensate for the sins of a meeting (Kaffaratul-Majlis)
  53. Supplication for someone who does good to you
  54. Supplication for mounting any vehicle or an animal
  55. Supplication at the start of the journey
  56. Supplication for entering the marketplace
  57. The pilgrim’s announcement of his arrival for Hajj or `Umrah
  58. Supplications for Tawaaf
  59. Supplication between ar-Rukn al-Yamani and the Black Stone
  60. Supplications for Safa and Marwah
  61. Supplication for the Day of Arafah (Hajj)
  62. The supplications near Al Mash`arul Haram (Muzdalifa Mosque)
  63. Saying Allahu Akbar upon pelting thrones at Jamarat
  64. Supplication while slaughtering the animal
  65. Supplication to Shun Fear During Sleep
  66. The excellence of Remembrance and Glorification of Allah and saying La Ilaha Illallaah
  67. Supplications Before Bed-Time
  68. Supplication to Congratulate on Marriage
  69. Supplication on Wearing New Clothes
  70. Supplication Bearing the Ism al-Azam of Allah
  71. Supplication for Safety Against a Tyrant Ruler
  72. Supplications to Avoid the Evil Eye
  73. Remedy against Magic
  74. Treatment for the one under magic spells
  75. The Secret of Long Life
  76. Takbeeraat for the Days of ‘Eid
  77. How to offer Eid prayer?
  78. Supplications for the Rain Prayer
  79. Supplications to be Recited in the Eclipse Prayers
  80. How to offer the Eclipse Prayer?
  81. Miscellaneous Supplications

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