How To Interact – The Art of Interaction

Interaction has become an art now a days. People are much conscious about how to interact with others? Since it’s a matter of fact and impression. From academic times we have been taught that, “First impression is everlasting impression”. That is why people are spending a lot of money and time in learning the art of interaction.

Lets take an example of two types of people, One: who like to watch those satellite television channels that help their general knowledge and intelligence grow. They benefit from other people’s experiences by watching constructive discussions, from which they learn the characteristics of debating and improve their language, understanding, and expertise in debate and persuasion.

Then there are those who cannot miss out on a series about a failed love story, or an emotional play, or a horror film, or films about useless fantasies with no link to reality at all.

Intensive Interaction

Notice the difference between the two after five or ten years. Which of the two would have improved the most in his skills and ability to fathom information, gain general knowledge, have the power to convince others, or successfully be able to cope with diverse situations? No doubt the first person!
You will find the mannerisms of the first person to be completely different. When he argues, he does so on the basis of legal references, facts and figures, while the second can only quote the words of actors and singers, so much so that one such person once said during a discussion, “Allah says: ‘Strive, my servant, and I shall strive with you!’’

Then he was informed that this is not a verse from the Qur’an. His complexion changed and he fell silent. Then one thought about the phrase and it occurred that it is an Egyptian idiom which was imprinted on his mind after watching a drama series!

So, what is your opinion who will charm you as a friend??? Who has adopted the best art of interaction??? One or the second. This is how we should be. Another, important thing that is pertinent here is to whom we are interacting i.e. a child, a boy, a girl, a woman or an illiterate etc. We have to lower down or increase our pace to be on same page with them, so that they can feel really comfortable with us. Yes, although we urge gentleness, firmness is sometimes needed.


In the same quest, I was once reading a book named, “Enjoy Your Life” by a renowned publisher “Darussalam Publishers & Distributors”. This book was really an addiction due to its short stories and teachings of Islam in our dealings with others. If you are also conscious, then you must go through this…

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