6 Conditions and Prerequisites for Hajj That Every Pilgrim Must Know

Islam, the world’s true religion exclusively based on set rules and regulations. Every Muslim has to obey these obligations prescribed by Allah the Almighty. It’s inevitable for every Muslim man and woman to obey all Islamic guidelines essentially those linked to performing prayers.

Muslim’s gratitude towards Allah and His religion Islam seems inadequate till the journey to Mecca and performing Hajj. However, pilgrimage to Mecca has certain obligations and believers are bound to accomplish its mandatory prerequisites. There are six key preconditions one should fulfill prior to go for Hajj or else he would not be eligible to perform this imperative Islamic ritual. Requirements without which Hajj is not considered obligatory include:

  • Being Muslim 

All Islamic acts of worship and prayers are allied to Muslims only; so is performing the Hajj. Reason behind is that any worship to Allah done by non-believers is invalid. So, a non-believer is required to enter Islam at first.

Once he become Muslim by accepting Allah the Almighty as one and only supreme authority and Muhammad (p.b.u.h) as his last Messenger then he is bound to perform duties in Islam. Now he can pray five times a day, give zakat and perform Hajj along with many other Islamic rituals.

  • Being An Adult

Hajj is compulsory once in a lifetime for every adult Muslim man and woman. Children are not obliged to do Hajj but if their parents take along with them, Hajj will be accepted. The best thing herein is that reward not only goes to the child but parents will also be rewarded besides their own Hajj.

  • Being of sound mind  

If an individual is affected by any physical or mental illness to such a great extent that he doesn’t recognize what he is doing or saying, Hajj is not obligatory for such an unsound minded person until he comes back to normal state.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The Pen has been lifted from three (i.e., three deeds are not recorded and hence person is not held accountable):

  1. An insane person until he comes to his senses
  2. A child awaiting puberty;
  3. One who is sleeping until he wakes up

[Narrated by Abu Dawood (4403), al-Nasaa’i (3432), al-Tirmidhi (1423) and Ibn Majaah (2041)]

  • Being free 

Hajj is not mandatory for a slave. For the reason that he may not have enough finances for conveyance, and residence etc. Moreover, he will be distracted by the duties towards his master.

  • Financially Capable

Any adult Muslim who is financially capable of performing Hajj, should do it with the soonest possibility. Conversely, if you are under debt or your financial capacity isn’t enough then you are not permissible to go for Hajj. This is because set amount of finances are required for traveling to mecca, residing there and back again.

  • Physically Capable

Being physically capable means you should have sound body so that he can bear all the hardships right from travelling to Mecca and all through carrying out the Hajj rituals.

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6 Conditions and Prerequisites for Hajj That Every Pilgrim Must Know
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6 Conditions and Prerequisites for Hajj That Every Pilgrim Must Know
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