10 Objectives of the Glorious Quran

10 Objectives of the Glorious Quran

Every individual book has some basic points or aims; for example, we can realize that the basic objectives of any diet book are to tell human beings how to waste or lose their weight and to give people instructions on their good health and make them feel better about themselves.

In fact, the Holy Quran has numerous aims. These aims are not collectively mentioned in one specific chapter of the Holy Quran but they are vividly discussed in many of its chapters.

Even though these aims and objectives are not listed collectively but they are explicit to those who contemplate or ponder over the meaning of the Glorious Quran.

The reciter of the Holy Quran realizes that one of the aims of the Holy Quran is to educate and guide him on how to obtain endless happiness and pleasures in both this temporary life and the everlasting life of the Hereafter. And the second of its objectives is to set justice and equality among the people on earth through its laws and legislations.

Among the countless aims and objectives of the Noble Quran are the following

objectives of noble Quran

  1. Amending The Beliefs Of Humankind: The Noble Quran obtains this objective by leading and guiding human beings to the realities of this world, and to the facts about its Originator and Creator, its beginning, its end, and all that happen in between.

  1. Training And Informing Humankind How To Worship Their Lord: This objective is gained by teaching people how to filter and sustain their souls by being devoted to performing all sorts of good deeds, like establishing prayer, observing fast, giving Zakah (obligatory charity) and so on.

  1. Supporting All Sorts of Righteous Behaviors: The Holy Book of Allah (SWT) carries out this aim by exhorting humankind to all types of praiseworthy manners, and by instructing and advising them to shun wicked and baseless deeds.

  1. Urging People to Establish an Ethical and Peaceful Society: The Holy Quran accomplishes this goal by guiding Muslims to be united, obliterating all kinds of tribal baseless obligations and particularly patriotism. It also teaches us to treat everyone equally without any discrimination of race or superiority because superiority is attained only through piety and righteousness.

  1. Developing and Shaping a Just Society: This objective can be obtained by specifying the merit of being just and honest; by developing mutual love, peace and mercy in the society and deterring the inhabitants of such society from maintaining bad manners; such as lying, dishonesty, betraying and treachery, and so on.

  1. Setting Up a Financially Successful Muslim Society: The Holy Book of Allah (SWT) instructs people to be neither niggardly nor extravagant in spending their wealth and resources, but instead they should be moderate and sensible. Moreover, the Noble Quran urges the believers to spend their lawful wealth on noble causes; such as spending on poor, needy, in the way of Allah by building a mosque and giving it in Jihad, and so on.

  1. Assuring The Well-Being of Women And Their Rights: The Glorious Quran fulfils this goal by guarding the honor of women and their due rights, which they deserve particularly as individuals, as a citizen, and as a Muslims in general.

  1. Enabling Muslims Militarily To Take On the Enemies: The Noble Quran accomplishes this aim by protecting Muslim Ummah from external threats and nurturing the prevailing of Islam. Such goals can be attained only if the Muslim Ummah is militarily capable of defeating the enemies. Quran also teaches us to help the oppressed believers and take the non-believers from the worshiping other deities to the Real and True Lord of the world.

  2. Exhorting Humankind to Eliminate Slavery: The Holy Quran put an end to slavery in various ways, the most vital of which is promising a tremendous reward to the one who manumits slaves and manumitting slaves is the best way for the expiation of different sins.

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10 Objectives of the Glorious Quran
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the Holy Quran has numerous objectives but they are not collectively mentioned in one specific chapter of the Holy Quran. Read 10 main objectives of Quran.
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